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We Believe In...

Loyalty, Continuous Learning, Inspiring Curiosity, Social Responsibility, Lifelong Learning

At Curious Minds, LLC we believe children are natural inventors, full of curiosity and passion which is why our programs are an incredible fit for all learners. We provide STEM / STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) programs for ages 18 months–12 years. STEM education nurtures a child’s willingness to explore, observe, ask questions, make predictions and integrate their learning without fear or bias.

You can count on Curious Minds, LLC for genuine, accredited science education for your children. Our proprietary method of teaching project-based inquiry science has proven to give students personal achievement of the “A-HA!” moment we as educators strive for them to have.

Curious Minds, LLC

Social Responsibility

We volunteered 20 hours of time to children in need and donated 3% of our profits to provide children with learning resources.