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STEM curriculum is right at your fingertips without investing in pricey equipment or expensive science kits that need to be replenished.

Curious Minds Inquiry Science for Early Childhood Teaching Guide includes 16 lessons:

  • 4 in biology
  • 4 in physics
  • 4 in earth & space science
  • 4 in engineering

Curious Minds Teacher's Academy

Invest in Your Staff and Students

Our Teacher's Academy includes an early childhood Inquiry Science Teaching Guide and four hours of teacher training by licensed experts in science education. The program was developed by licensed science educators formerly of the Science Museum of Minnesota, in cooperation with science content experts.

Teacher’s Academy Benefits:

  • Each lesson includes extension activates to infuse science & engineering in to your daily curriculum.
  • Our early child guide meets National Science Education Standards
  • A glossary of terms
  • A wealth of scientifically accurate background information for each lesson—no more searching for information on the Internet.

The beauty of our teaching guide is that all materials are already in your classroom.

Four hours of in-depth training for up to 10 teachers on 4 of the 16 lessons is included!

Cost: $1,090

Up to 10 Curious Minds Inquiry Science for Early Childhood Teaching Guides (1 per participant) and 4 hours of training for up to 10 teachers.